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Manufacturer: YiHi Model: 004486-004487
YiHi SXMini X-Class Auto-Squonker TC Box MODThe YiHi SXmini X Class 200W Box Mod is a dual high-amp battery vaping system, incorporating a myriad of output variations, exquisite visual detailing, and features the advanced YiHi SXmini X Class Reservoir with innovative ESS Technology. Constructed from..
167.58 EUR
1,262.63 HRK
Ex Tax:134.06 EUR
1,010.10 HRK
Manufacturer: QP Design Model: 004931-004932
QP Design Fatal Box MOD Light, compact, the Fatal Box by QP Design is an excellent mod which allows you to vape with a large number of atomisers. Compatible with high capacity batteries, 21700 and 20700 (equally 18650), and a connection of 28mm allows the Fatal Box to be highly polyvalent.Sev..
98.57 EUR
742.65 HRK
Ex Tax:78.85 EUR
594.12 HRK
Manufacturer: Titanide Model: 004935-005739
Titanide LETO V2 MOD The Leto 2 Mod Limited Edition benefits with laser engravings with 5 different finishes. The Leto 2 Limited Edition is the new version of the famous meca by Titanide. The Leto 2 is equipped with a new lockable switch by ferrule. Essentially composed in Titane, the Leto 2 is ..
204.55 EUR
1,541.19 HRK
Ex Tax:163.64 EUR
1,232.95 HRK
Manufacturer: Lost Vape Model: 006731-006732-006733-006734-006864-006865
Lost Vape Centaurus Quest 100W BF Box MODLost Vape Centaurus Quest BF Mod features 2 in 1 squonk & storage design for easy vaping BF RDA and any other atomizer. Both squonk and storage bottle have 9.5ml e-juice capacity and bottom filling system. With intriguing technology, valve connection and ..
86.24 EUR
649.79 HRK
Ex Tax:68.99 EUR
519.83 HRK
Manufacturer: Dovpo Model: 006745-006746-007041-007042-007074-007075-007441
DOVPO Riva DNA250C Box MODThe Riva DNA250C Box Mod is the latest mod from DOVPO. This 200W dual 18650 mod features the EVOLV DNA 250C chipset to ensure the great performance from fast firing speed to various of advanced settings. On the appearance, DOVPO utilizes real leather with zinc alloy for the..
123.21 EUR
928.35 HRK
Ex Tax:98.57 EUR
742.68 HRK
Manufacturer: YiHi Model: 006880-006881-007009-007010-007145-007459
YiHi SXMini SL Class V2 Box MODYiHi SXmini SL Class V2 Box Mod is powered by single 18650/20700/21700 battery with max 100W output.  YiHi SXmini SL Class V2 Mod features YiHi SX730 chipset and VW, VV, TC modes to meet different needs. SXmini SL Class V2 is equipped with 0.96 inch IPS-Farb-Displ..
123.21 EUR
928.35 HRK
Ex Tax:98.57 EUR
742.68 HRK
Manufacturer: Dovpo Model: 007442-007443-007444-007445
DOVPO Top Gear DNA250C Box MODThe DOVPO TOP GEAR 200 W Box Mod works with the legendary DNA250C chip and is thus capable of a maximum output power of 200 W. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the TOP GEAR design resists minor damage. Thanks to the DNA250C chip, it has extensive temperature control,..
172.51 EUR
1,299.77 HRK
Ex Tax:138.01 EUR
1,039.82 HRK
Manufacturer: Lost Vape Model: 007446-007447-007448
Lost Vape Hyperion DNA 100C Box MODThe Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C Mod is the most durable DNA mod to date. Powered by one 21700/20700/18650 battery (not included) with a maximum output power of 100W. The Mod is made of zinc alloy and LSR with an ergonomic design.It uses the latest DNA 100C chip and ..
155.26 EUR
1,169.77 HRK
Ex Tax:124.20 EUR
935.82 HRK
Manufacturer: Ambition Mods Model: 007615
Ambition Mods & R.S.S. Mods Onebar Box MODThis 60W high power box mod can be modified to your liking. Onebar Box Mod was developed by Ambition Mods and R.S.S. developments in cooperation. The modifications are very simple but extremely elegant. The battery sleeve can be replaced simply by loosen..
59.13 EUR
445.51 HRK
Ex Tax:47.30 EUR
356.41 HRK
Manufacturer: Lost Vape Model: 007685-007686-007754-007755
Lost Vape Centaurus M200 200W Box MODCheck out the Lost Vape Centaurus M200 200W Mod, featuring the Quest 2.0 Chipset, temperature control suite, and powered by dual high-amp 18650 batteries. Constructed from durable aluminum-alloy and stainless steel elements, the Centaurus M200 Mod is a blen..
73.92 EUR
556.94 HRK
Ex Tax:59.13 EUR
445.55 HRK
Manufacturer: Lost Vape Model: 007749-007750-007751-007752-007753
Lost Vape Centaurus M200 200W Full KitThe Lost Vape Centaurus M200 Full Kit is a dual 18650 battery-powered device capable of 200W maximum output, equipped with extensive temperature control options and paired with the Centaurus tank. The reliable Quest chip set is compatible with nickel, titanium a..
96.10 EUR
724.08 HRK
Ex Tax:76.88 EUR
579.26 HRK
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