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Valley Liquids 50ml Raspberry Menthol

Valley Liquids Raspberry Menthol 10ml

Something a bit different, a pleasant combination of menthol and raspberries to give a nice soft sweetness to a menthol. A mild menthol flavour with a sweet touch.

Just like grandma bakes, the nice soft rhubarb baked in the centre of a pie covered in custard. Just like the real thing straight from the oven ready to the vape. A strong flavour with a sour and bitter taste. Also very similar to the sweets.

Content: 50ml nicotine free e-liquid in a 60ml bottle

60%VG - 40%PG

All Valley Liquids are made from the purest Pharmaceutical grade (USP/EP) ingredients.

They do NOT contain Diethylene Glycol (DEG) or other solvents that are commonly used in many products; therefore our juice is thicker than the average.

The 50ml e-liquid is delivered in a 60ml leak proof plastic bottle. It has a childproof and tamper evident dripper cap.

E-liquid is best stored in room temperatures between 10-25 ºC.

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