Thunderhead Creations

Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 005833
Thunderhead Organic Premium Cotton100% organicA length of 3 metersSuitable for THC Artemis RDTA and other RTA / RDTA / RDA Vape atomizers...
7.12 EUR
53.67 HRK
Ex Tax:5.70 EUR
42.94 HRK
Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 005802-006743-006744
Thunderhead Artemis RDTA SS Wire Specially designed for Artemis RDTA. Made of Premium Stainless Steel from Germany, the Artemis RDTA SS Wire features continuous automatic e-juice transfer system to bring you excellent flavor. Parameters: Material: Stainless steel Dimensions: 25mm x 3mm x 3 mm ..
8.60 EUR
64.81 HRK
Ex Tax:6.88 EUR
51.85 HRK
Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 006404
Thunderhead Beast Tool KitThe Thunderhead Creations Beast Tool Kit is a great set for roll builders, especially those who are often, because they are easy to store in a compact size and fit in almost any pocket. The set contains everything you need to make a fast and precise roll.The set contains:1 ..
27.58 EUR
207.81 HRK
Ex Tax:22.06 EUR
166.25 HRK
Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 007173
Thunderhead Tauren Max Premium CottonTauren Max Premium Vape Cotton is designed for the THC Blaze RTA, but can also be used perfectly with other RTA, RDA and RDTA tanks. It is unbleached and undyed, so it is easier to separate and has a clean taste.The package includes 1 m of cotton. The price is va..
8.60 EUR
64.81 HRK
Ex Tax:6.88 EUR
51.85 HRK
Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 007418
Thunderhead Tauren Premium Shoeslaces CottonHigh quality cotton for Tauren atomizer. No parasitic taste. Optimal absorption.20 pcs 110 mm x 3 mmEquipped with a shoelace end on both sides.The price is valid for 1 package...
11.81 EUR
88.95 HRK
Ex Tax:9.44 EUR
71.16 HRK
Thunderhead Blaze Pro Tool Kit Thunderhead Blaze Pro Tool Kit
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Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 007412
Thunderhead Blaze Pro Tool KitThe THC Blaze Pro Tool Kit is a multi-functional tool kit that includes a variety of tools in one package. It can be supplied with a compact, hard case, so it can be dispensed with at any time.Package contents:1 x Vape Professional Screwdriver1 x Multi-function Pliers1 ..
28.32 EUR
213.38 HRK
Ex Tax:22.66 EUR
170.70 HRK
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