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T-Juice (De)Constructed Red Astaire Concentrate 3x10ml

T-Juice (De)Constructed Red Astaire Concentrate 3x10ml

With the (De) Constructed, T-Juice proposes you to go even more further in DIY by creating your OWN Red Astaire!

The Red Astaire (De) Constructed is a pack composed of the three principal aromas of the famous Tjuice recipe, in a 10ml bottle. You will be able to make your own proper E Liquid by varying the dosages of each aromas.

The (De) Constructed is composed of:

1 x 10ml Red Mint Concentrate: A delicious soft Peppered Mint accompanied with a light note of Aniseed

1 x 10ml Red Fruits Concentrate: A real explosion of Red Fruits, juicy and deliciously sweet. Unparalleled sweetness which persists in the mouth

1 x 10ml Red Aniseed Concentrate: A powerful flavour of Aniseed enhanced with a beautiful note of Menthol and a touch of freshness. The flavours soften after several draws.

Recommended steeping time: 3-5 days.

Associate these 3 aromas in a PG/VG base of your choice with one or more Nicotine Boosters if needed. Find all the dosages which are convenient for you gracious to our aroma calculator and prepare up to 150ml in e liquid.

Receive with your Red Astaire (De) Constructed order a Gift Pack, so you can benefit with maximum experience.

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