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Brand: Sony Model: 000359
SONY VTC4 18650 30A 2100mAh batterySize code: 18650Power: 30ACapacity: 2100 mAhVoltage: 3.7VThe price is for 1 piece...
56.30 HRK
Ex Tax:45.04 HRK
Brand: Sony Model: 001449
SONY VTC5A 18650 35A 2600mAh  Type: Li-ionSize code: 18650Capacity: 2600 mAhVoltage: 3.7V, 2.5V - 4.2V (0-100%)The price is for 1 piece...
73.70 HRK
Ex Tax:58.96 HRK
Brand: Sony Model: 001882
SONY VTC6 18650 30A 3000mAhModel: US18650VTCManufacturer: SonyCapacity: 3000mAhVoltage: 3.6VStyle: Flat topMax.pulse current: 30AContinuous current: 20ASize: Diameter: 18.2mm; Length: 64,9mmThe price is for 1 piece...
75.87 HRK
Ex Tax:60.70 HRK
Brand: Sony Model: 005015
SONY VTC6A 21700 30A 4000mAhModel: US21700VTC6ASize: 21700Style: Flat TopNominal Capacity: 4000mAhContinuous Discharge Rating: 30A (40A with 80° Deg. C temperature cut)Nominal Voltage: 3.6vProtected: NoRechargeable: YesType: Lithium-ion..
91.09 HRK
Ex Tax:72.87 HRK
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