SmokerStore Taifun GT III (GT3) RTA Tank SmokerStore Taifun GT III (GT3) RTA Tank
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Brand: SmokerStore Model: 006324
SmokerStore Taifun GT III (GT3) RTA TankTaifun GT III (2021) RTA The Taifun Taifun GT III (GT3) is a rebuilt carburetor with incredible flavor, glass tank, stainless steel protective shield for glass, adjustable airflow (up to 5 DL usage regardless of MTL), and adjustable flow rate. . This 2021 edit..
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Brand: SmokerStore Model: 007184
SmokerStore Taifun GT V RTA TankThe SmokerStore Taifun GT V is a new member of the Taifun GT series, it has a reliable, solid construction and, not least, is famous for its "sporty" character. "Gran Turismo" has always been the theme of the Taifun GT series. The focus is on simple construction and i..
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Brand: SmokerStore Model: 005479
SmokerStore Taifun GX RDTA TankThe Taifun Atomiser, light of the German company SmokerStore comes back to us with the Taifun GX in a RDTA version, revamped with cooling fins and remains compact and performant. The Taifun GX benefits with the know-how and the German quality of innovations. You..
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