Advken Manta Subohm Pyrex Palást Advken Manta Subohm Pyrex Palást
-40 %
Manufacturer: Advken Model: 007435-007436-007437
Advken Manta Subohm Pyrex PalástReplacement 4.5ml glass cover for the Advken Manta Sub Ohm tank. The price is for 1 piece...
3.67 EUR
27.67 HRK
6.14 EUR
46.24 HRK
Ex Tax:2.94 EUR
22.14 HRK
Advken Manta Subohm Tank Advken Manta Subohm Tank
-43 %
Manufacturer: Advken Model: 007428-007429-007430-007431-007432
Advken Manta Subohm TankWith the Manta Tank, Advken brings a new highlight to fans of big clouds. The finished coil atomizer impresses all users with its unique appearance and design, all of which are of excellent quality. After the successful RTA version of Manta, now the tank with mesh coils is co..
19.69 EUR
148.38 HRK
34.48 EUR
259.81 HRK
Ex Tax:15.75 EUR
118.70 HRK
DotMod dotAIO Coil DotMod dotAIO Coil
-24 %
Manufacturer: dotMod Model: 006760-006761-006762-006763
DotMod dotAIO CoilDotMod dotAIO Boiler insertReplacement boiler insert for the DotMod dotAIO set.Resistance:0.3 ohm (20-35W) - Mesh0.7 ohm (14-20W) - Mesh - ONLY WITH ADAPTER1.2 ohm (10-16W) - Kanthal1.6 ohm (8-14W) - CeramicThe price is for one pc...
3.18 EUR
23.96 HRK
4.17 EUR
31.38 HRK
Ex Tax:2.54 EUR
19.17 HRK
DOVPO Top Gear DNA250C Box MOD DOVPO Top Gear DNA250C Box MOD
-21 %
Manufacturer: Dovpo Model: 007442-007443-007444-007445
DOVPO Top Gear DNA250C Box MODThe DOVPO TOP GEAR 200 W Box Mod works with the legendary DNA250C chip and is thus capable of a maximum output power of 200 W. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the TOP GEAR design resists minor damage. Thanks to the DNA250C chip, it has extensive temperature control,..
135.54 EUR
1,021.21 HRK
172.51 EUR
1,299.77 HRK
Ex Tax:108.43 EUR
816.97 HRK
Eleaf GT Coil Eleaf GT Coil
-16 %
Manufacturer: Eleaf Model: 007311-007312-007313
Eleaf GT CoilEleaf's new series of Plug'n Play boiler inserts. They provide excellent taste and quick replacement and maintenanceResistance: Mesh Kanthal - 0.6 ohm / Regular NiCr - 1.2 ohm / Ceramic NiCr - 1.4 ohmCompatibility: TECC Specter / TECC arc GTi / Eleaf iJust AIO / Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 / T..
2.69 EUR
20.24 HRK
3.18 EUR
23.96 HRK
Ex Tax:2.15 EUR
16.19 HRK
Flavormonks Classic Bastards Cotton Flavormonks Classic Bastards Cotton
-38 %
Manufacturer: Coilology Model: 007393
Flavormonks Classic Bastards CottonCotton wool can be used for many flavors, but the best effect is achieved when using tobacco products. It will provide the best possible quality, which has been confirmed by several independent test centers. Vata always received maximum points in the tests. Of cour..
5.64 EUR
42.53 HRK
9.09 EUR
68.53 HRK
Ex Tax:4.52 EUR
34.02 HRK
Freemax Twister 2 MOD Freemax Twister 2 MOD
-30 %
Manufacturer: FreeMax Model: 007298-007299-007300-007301-007302
Freemax Twister 2 MODThe new Freemax Twister 2 Mod comes with full original pattern and style. The tube is suitable for beginners and is very easy to use. With a built-in battery capacity of 3000 mAh and a ring system for power adjustment, this Mod is capable of a maximum output power of 80 W and ca..
34.48 EUR
259.81 HRK
49.27 EUR
371.23 HRK
Ex Tax:27.59 EUR
207.84 HRK
G-Spot CoCko Play 20ml G-Spot CoCko Play 20ml
-31 %
Manufacturer: G-Spot Model: 007331
G-Spot CoCko Play 20mlThe creaminess of white chocolate meets the freshness of coconut in a sensual and unprecedented embrace!Package contains:20 ml aroma in 60ml glass bottle 30 ml of 100% VG 1 x pipetteIt is recommended to add 30 ml of 100% VG that includes the package and 10ml of Nicotine boo..
13.53 EUR
101.95 HRK
19.69 EUR
148.38 HRK
Ex Tax:10.83 EUR
81.56 HRK
Innokin Plex / Scion 2 Coil Innokin Plex / Scion 2 Coil
-15 %
Manufacturer: Innokin Model: 006756-006757-006758
Innokin Plex / Scion 2 CoilReplacement boiler insert for Innokin Plex and Scion 2 tanks.Resistance:0.13 ohm - 80 - 110 W0.28 ohm - 100 - 200 W0.36 ohm - 80 - 150 WThe price is for 1 pc...
4.17 EUR
31.38 HRK
4.90 EUR
36.96 HRK
Ex Tax:3.33 EUR
25.11 HRK
Joyetech CuAIO / Cubis 2 ProC-BFL Coil Joyetech CuAIO / Cubis 2 ProC-BFL Coil
-16 %
Manufacturer: Joyetech Model: 002030-002031-002175-002199
Joyetech CuAIO / Cubis 2 ProC-BFL CoilDesigned for CUBIS 2 tank, CuAIO Kit and CuBox AIO kit. It comes with 4 resistance value for your selection.Compatible with:- Joyetech CuAIO D22- Joyetech Cubis 2 - Joyetech CuboxThe price is for 1 pc...
1.85 EUR
13.93 HRK
2.19 EUR
16.53 HRK
Ex Tax:1.48 EUR
11.14 HRK
Joyetech EZ coil Joyetech EZ coil
-30 %
Manufacturer: Joyetech Model: 005253-005254-005934-005913-005914
Joyetech EZ kazánbetétBecause of the Push-Fit system you can replace this coil easily. It gives you a  intense and rich flavors.Parameters:- Resistance:- 1.2 ohm (7W-13W)- 0.4 ohm (20 W-32W)- 0,6ohm (16-20W)Compatible with: EXCEED GRIP Pro / EXCEED GRIP PlusThe price is for 1 pc...
2.22 EUR
16.71 HRK
3.18 EUR
23.96 HRK
Ex Tax:1.77 EUR
13.37 HRK
Mexican Cartel Gâteau Amandes Vanille 10ml
-15 %
Manufacturer: Le Labo Basque Model: 007371
Mexican Cartel Gâteau Amandes Vanille 10mlVanilla almond cake.Concentrate dosage: 8-12%Recommended steeping time: 5-7 days.PG based aroma concentrate for e-liquid productionStore the product on a place protected from sunlight at the recommended temperature (12-25 ° C).Keep out of reach of children.I..
4.17 EUR
31.38 HRK
4.90 EUR
36.96 HRK
Ex Tax:3.33 EUR
25.11 HRK
SMOK TFV4 RBA Single Coil SMOK TFV4 RBA Single Coil
-70 %
Manufacturer: Smoktech Model: 002394
SMOK TFV4 RBA Single CoilSMOK TFV4 RBA Single Coil is a special RBA coil made for SMOK TFV4. Build coil easily with RBA coil and vape economically.It comes with:1 x SMOK TFV4 RBA Single Coilsapre parts: cotton + heating coils + o-ring + screwThe price is for 1 pc...
2.86 EUR
21.54 HRK
9.59 EUR
72.24 HRK
Ex Tax:2.29 EUR
17.23 HRK
Vandy Vape Kanthal A1 Wire Vandy Vape Kanthal A1 Wire
-47 %
Manufacturer: Vandy Vape Model: 002324-004207-004208-004219
Vandy Vape Kanthal A1 Wire 22ga - 0,65mm 24ga - 0,50mm 26ga - 0,40mm 28ga - 0,32mm 1 pc = 9,5 m of wire..
1.95 EUR
14.67 HRK
3.67 EUR
27.67 HRK
Ex Tax:1.56 EUR
11.74 HRK
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