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Brand: Kangertech Model: 003583-003584-003593
Atom GClapton CoilAccording to Atom Vapes, these Clapton coils are designed to last three to four weeks – which is a lot longer than standard stock coils. G-Clapton OVC coils – Kanger SubTank Plus, SubTank Mini, SubTank NanoG-Clapton OVC coils – Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Atlantis 2, Aspire Atlantis Me..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 001267-001268-001680
Kangertech CLOCC CoilKangerTech CLOCC Replacement Coil, are coils for Kanger CLTANK. Ni200 0.15ohm and SS 0.5ohm are available.Price is for 1 pc..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 000423-000424-000425-000426
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 100423
KangerTech EVOD Glass Atomizer Kangertech EVOD Glass clearomizer is the new issued of kangertech which uses the glass tube instead of plastic ,it is more healthy ,more vapors and it with the same dual coils as protank3,aerotank,evod 2,T3S'D etc. Parameters: Dual coils fit with protank3 ,aerot..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 001565-001566-001567
Kangertech Evod PRO V2Kanger EVOD PRO V2 Starter Kit is also an all-in-one device with 4ml juice capacity as the previous EVOD Pro. EVOD Pro V2 features 2500mAh built-in battery, adjustable airflow and replaceable Pyrex glass. It is also compatible with CLOCC coil.ParametersJuice capacity: 4mlDiamet..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 002844-002845-002846-003279-003280-003281
Kangertech K-PIN Mini Starter KitThe Kangertech K-PIN Mini is a small and exquisite pen style vaping device which is easy to carry and comfortable in the hand. Inherited from the K-PIN Kit, the K-PIN Mini consists of a 2ml tank with easy top-filling & a telescopic mouthpiece. It is compatible wi..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 002100-002101-002102-002103-002104
Kangertech K-PIN Starter KitKangertech K-PIN is a fashionable vaping device with a built-in 2000mAh battery and a 2ml (or 4ml) tank. The slim device features easy top filling system, unique telescopic mouthpiece, full power output and 5 LED battery indicator. 5 colors. Parameters:Size: 24mm x 134...
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 000416-000417-000418-000419-001728-001729
Kangertech Protank / Evod / Unitank CoilKangerTech coil unit for Protank/Mini Protank/Protank-II/Mini Protank-II/Unitank / Mini Unitank atomizer.The price is for 1 pc...
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KangerTech SOCC Coil (With Organic Cotton)
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 000309-000310-000445-001568
KangerTech SOCC Coil (With Organic Cotton)For KangerTech Cartomizers, including EVOD/Protank/Mini Protank/Protank-II/Mini Protank-II/Unitank/ Mini Unitank.The price is for 1 pc...
15.00 HRK
Ex Tax:12.00 HRK
Brand: Kangertech Model: 001273-001405-001472-002696
Kangertech SSOCC CoilReplacement Coil for Subtank/TopTank/Nebox, the latest SSOCC from Kanger, which suit Subtank, Toptank, Nebox and Subvod.Material: SS case + Nicr wire + Japan CottonResistance value: 0.15ohm Ni200, 0.5ohm; 0.2ohm; SS 0.5ohm, SS 0.2ohm The price is for 1 pc...
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Kangertech SSOCC Mini Coil Kangertech SSOCC Mini Coil
Out Of Stock
Brand: Kangertech Model: 001274-001404
Kangertech SSOCC Mini CoilCompatible with: Kangertech SUBTANK / TOPTANK.The price is for 1 pc...
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 000586-000357-000585-001569
KangerTech Subtank Vertical OCC CoilKangerTech Subtank Vertical OCC Replacement Coil, it applies Japanese cotton and vertical coil design, which ensures pure taste and durable usage.ParametersMaterial: Organic cotton, stainless steel cover and NiCr wireResistance value: 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm and 1.5ohmT..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 001663
Kangertech Subtank/Toptank Ceramic CoilKangerTech Ceramic Coil for Subtank/TOPTANK/NEBOX, the latest ceramic coil from Kanger, which suits Subtank,Toptank, Nebox and SUBVOD. They will provide pure flavor and huge vapor to you. Parameters:Material: Kanthal A1 wire + ceramicResistance value: 0.5ohm (3..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 001662
Kangertech Subtank/Toptank Clapton CoilKangerTech Clapton Coil for Subtank/ TOPTANK/NEBOX, Clapton serial from Kanger, they will provide enormous cloud and robust flavors for you.ParametersMaterial: Stainless steel case + kanthal wire+ Janpan CottonResistance value: 0.5ohm (18W - 70W)The price is fo..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 001769
Kangertech TOGO Mini 2.0 Starter KitKangertech TOGO Mini 2.0 is an all-in-one style vaping device with built-in li- on 1600mAh battery and 1.9ml e-juice capacity.It features new symmetrical air flow design, 5 LED battery indicator and CLOCC coils. It comes with a slim size and durable finish, ..
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Brand: Kangertech Model: 002019-002020-002021-002022
Kangertech Toptank Evod Kangertech TOPTANK EVOD Clearomizer - 1.7ml, the same tank as that of TOP EVOD Kit. A small tank in 1.7ml with top filling. Enjoy vaping with TOPTANK EVOD! Parameters: Capacity: 1.7ml Size: 14mm (D) x 57 mm (L) Material: Pyrex Glass And SS It comes with: 1 x TOPTANK EVO..
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