Coil Building Tools

Model: 000173
Micro Coil JigThis handy little tool has 5 different 13mm long sections for different diameter coils: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.5mm.Made of stainless steel, has long performance life, high quality without any casting lines or burrs, the numbers arevery clearly engraved.Super easy to wrap you..
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Model: 001916
Micro Coil Jig + ScrewdriverThis upgraded version of micro coil jig, it is a compact and handy device for vapers who prefer building their own coils.The coil tool is easy to use: using the numbered guide on the handle of the tool, simply select your preferred size from five different diameters and b..
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33.24 HRK
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Manufacturer: Coil Father Model: 003819-003940
DIY Coil Trimming ToolWill you spend too much time on building coils or cutting the leads too shorts on your coils? Never mind. The DIY Coil Trimming Tool is a perfect accessory equipment to help you solve the problem. It is a useful DIY tool for effective coil building, which could help you to cut ..
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Model: 006839
Coil Cleaning BrushA small metal brush / wire brush allows the coils to be cleaned and maintained.Size: 99.2mm x 3mmThe price is for 1 metal brush...
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