Model: 000173
Micro Coil JigThis handy little tool has 5 different 13mm long sections for different diameter coils: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, and 3.5mm.Made of stainless steel, has long performance life, high quality without any casting lines or burrs, the numbers arevery clearly engraved.Super easy to wrap you..
31.38 HRK
4.17 EUR
Ex Tax:25.11 HRK
3.33 EUR
Model: 000081-001946
Ceramic TweezerMaterial: Stainless steelTip: CeramicThe price is for 1 pc...
59.24 HRK
7.86 EUR
Ex Tax:47.39 HRK
6.29 EUR
Model: 001916
Micro Coil Jig + ScrewdriverThis upgraded version of micro coil jig, it is a compact and handy device for vapers who prefer building their own coils.The coil tool is easy to use: using the numbered guide on the handle of the tool, simply select your preferred size from five different diameters and b..
33.24 HRK
4.41 EUR
Ex Tax:26.59 HRK
3.53 EUR
Manufacturer: GeekVape Model: 002630
GeekVape Tool KitGeekVape DIY Tools Accessory Mini Kit , comes with 5 kinds of DIY tools, including cross screwdriver, straight screwdriver, hexagonal screwdriver, diagonal piers and niper pliers for coils. One kit to meet all your DIY needs.ParametersMaterial: Stainless steelType & Size:Cross scre..
98.24 HRK
13.04 EUR
Ex Tax:78.59 HRK
10.43 EUR
Model: 003266-003267
DIY diagonal pliersThe Multi-functional Diagonal Pliers for E-cig DIY is a better DIY tool to cut coils. Allows for close cutting to posts. It will make the DIY easier. Very convenient and practical tool for vapers.Size: 150 mm x 63 mmThe price is for 1 piece...
28.78 HRK
3.82 EUR
Ex Tax:23.03 HRK
3.06 EUR
Manufacturer: Fumytech Model: 003478
Fumytech Multifunction ScrewdriverThe multifunction screwdriver Fumytech and its various integrated tips (PH00, 2.5, H1.27, H1.50), you will need more than a single tool to make your builds!The price is for 1 pc...
32.50 HRK
4.31 EUR
Ex Tax:26.00 HRK
3.45 EUR
Model: 003626-003627-003628
DIY Vape ScissorsHigh quality, sharp scissors. It will make the DIY easier.Thr price is for 1 pc...
14.67 HRK
1.95 EUR
Ex Tax:11.74 HRK
1.56 EUR
Manufacturer: Coil Father Model: 003819-003940
DIY Coil Trimming ToolWill you spend too much time on building coils or cutting the leads too shorts on your coils? Never mind. The DIY Coil Trimming Tool is a perfect accessory equipment to help you solve the problem. It is a useful DIY tool for effective coil building, which could help you to cut ..
23.96 HRK
3.18 EUR
Ex Tax:19.17 HRK
2.54 EUR
DIY Cross Lock Tweezer DIY Cross Lock Tweezer
Out Of Stock
Model: 004381-004382
DIY Cross Lock TweezerThe Multi-functional Cross Lock Tweezers have a stainless steel body with pointed tip, which can be used with coil building, diamonds selecting, circuit checking, eyelash cleaning and so on. It has different tip options for your selection. Parameters:Type: ESD-12 (straight tip)..
25.81 HRK
3.43 EUR
Ex Tax:20.65 HRK
2.74 EUR
Manufacturer: Coil Master Model: 005738
Coil Master Ceramic TweezerThe latest tweezer by Coil Master is tipped with ceramic to withstand the high temperature when you dry fire your coil. The construction is quite durable, making it the perfect tool if you are into rebuildable atomizers!The prices is for 1pc...
52.93 HRK
7.02 EUR
Ex Tax:42.34 HRK
5.62 EUR
Manufacturer: Plato Tool Model: 005849-006087
Plato 170 diagonal pliersThe Multi-functional Diagonal Pliers for E-cig DIY is a better DIY tool to cut coils. Allows for close cutting to posts. It will make the DIY easier. Very convenient and practical tool for vapers.Size: 150 mm x 63 mmThe price is for 1 piece...
27.67 HRK
3.67 EUR
Ex Tax:22.14 HRK
2.94 EUR
Manufacturer: Coil Master Model: 005919-007087
Elbow TweezerElbow Ceramic Tweezers is the latest creation from Coil Master, developing an angled ceramic tweezers for a sturdy and precise tool. The bent design allows for a more fine-tune adjustment of coil settings while retaining the strength for larger wire gauges. The integration of ceramic ma..
38.81 HRK
5.15 EUR
Ex Tax:31.05 HRK
4.12 EUR
Manufacturer: Thunderhead Creations Model: 006404
Thunderhead Beast Tool KitThe Thunderhead Creations Beast Tool Kit is a great set for roll builders, especially those who are often, because they are easy to store in a compact size and fit in almost any pocket. The set contains everything you need to make a fast and precise roll.The set contains:1 ..
207.81 HRK
27.58 EUR
Ex Tax:166.25 HRK
22.06 EUR
Coil Master DIY Mini V2 Tool Kit Coil Master DIY Mini V2 Tool Kit
Out Of Stock
Manufacturer: Coil Master Model: 006434
Coil Master DIY Mini V2 Tool KitThe Coil Master DIY Kit Mini V2 is the simplest version of the DIY Kit. The DIY Kit Mini V2 case is made of ABS material, with advantageous corrosion and high quality resistance. All tools are made of high quality metals and high quality resistant plastic and are hous..
148.38 HRK
19.69 EUR
Ex Tax:118.70 HRK
15.75 EUR
Manufacturer: GeekVape Model: 006443
GeekVape Mini Tool KitThe GeekVape Mini Tool Kit includes essential tools. Durable tools, diagonal pliers, needle pliers, folding scissors, 2.5 mm Phillips screwdriver, 2.5 mm flat head screwdriver, ceramic tweezers and 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 3.5 There is a winding rod with a diameter of mm in the..
194.81 HRK
25.86 EUR
Ex Tax:155.85 HRK
20.68 EUR
Model: 006459-006460-006738
Multi-purpose foldable scissorsThe price is for 1 pair of scissors...
17.64 HRK
2.34 EUR
Ex Tax:14.11 HRK
1.87 EUR
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