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Cotton Cubes

Brand: Vapeur Mecanique Model: 001956
Cotton Fury High quality 100% organic cotton. Package contains: 20 pieces of cotton..
51.96 HRK
Ex Tax:41.57 HRK
Brand: GeekVape Model: 002681
GeekVape Japanese Cotton 100% pure cotton without chemical treatment, bleaching or added pigments. Package contains: 5 little sheets of cotton (size 60x80) in separate bags...
20.65 HRK
Ex Tax:16.52 HRK
Model: 000365
Japanese cellulose pads (M 5x6cm) Japanese cellulose pads (without cotton). Size: 5 X 6 cm Package contains: 5 little sheets of cellulose pads...
6.30 HRK
Ex Tax:5.04 HRK
Brand: Vandy Vape Model: 002075
Vandy Vape Vape Cotton The Authentic Vandy Vape Cotton is made out of 100% Japanese cotton. It is good to wick the coils and will bring you great vaping experience. Product specifications: Vape cotton x 5pcs Weight: 15g Size:6x8cm..
26.52 HRK
Ex Tax:21.22 HRK
Brand: Vapor Takers Model: 002611
Vapor Takers Cotton 100% Organic Japanese cotton pads are on everybody’s go to list. Simple to use, a small sliver is all you need, as it comes in perfect square pads, and each one approximately a quarter-inch thick. All you have to do is snip off enough, following the path of the fibers to fit..
38.04 HRK
Ex Tax:30.43 HRK
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