Rebuildable coil atomizers (RTA / RDA / RDTA)

Brand: Advken Model: 006277-006278
Advken Mad Hatter RTA TankAdvken Mad Hatter RTA is construcred of stainless steel with 24mm diameter and 810 POM drip tip for bigger vaping clouds. Advken Mad Hatter features 2ml tube with top sliding filling design and adjustable bottom airflow system. Mad Hatter RTA installs the single coil ..
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Brand: Augvape Model: 004301-004302-004303
Augvape Intake RTA Tank The newest AUGVAPE INTAKE RTA is coming. It is a cool and fashionable leak proof rebuildable tank atomizer, featuring 4.2ml large e-juice capacity and two posts channels which is very easy to install single coil. Plus the two air tubes on the build deck, the AUGVAPE INTAKE..
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Brand: GeekVape Model: 006671-006672-006673-006674-006835-006978
GeekVape Z RDA TankDiscover the Geek Vape Z 25mm RDA, featuring a dual post build deck, dual coil configuration, and a top to bottom airflow top cap for leak-free usage. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the chassis is impervious to light falls and drops. The dual post build deck features a ..
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Brand: GeekVape Model: 004337-004338-004339-004340-004458-004632-005450-005451-005452-006305
GeekVape Zeus X RTA Tank Inherited from GeekVape Zeus Atomizers family, the GeekVape Zeus X RTA is a latest vape device for single/dual coil building. The Zeus X RTA comes with two capacity, 4.5ml and 2ml, to meet your needs for different liquid storage. The postless build deck provides an easy w..
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Brand: HellVape Model: 006872-006873-006874-006979-006980-006981-006982
HellVape Dead Rabbit R TankHellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank, made of SUS304, comes with 510 drip tip and 5ml capacity(6.5ml bubble glass) with quarter-turn top fill system. Hellvape Dead Rabbit R features complete bottom airflow adjustment and condensed chamber to bring extremely superior flavor. What's ..
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Brand: HellVape Model: 005631-005632-005633-005790-005942-005943-006033-006529
HellVape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA TankHellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA is the upgraded version of Dead Rabbit RTA. Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RTA maintains 25mm diameter and 2ml/5ml glace tube with top filling design of precision machining knurled top cap. Dead Rabbit V2 RTA features upgraded adjustable top side ..
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Brand: HellVape Model: 006712-006713-006714-006715-006716-006717-006718
HellVape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA TankHellvape Dead Rabbit 3 RDA is the latest member of Hellvape Dead Rabbit series. Hellvape Dead Rabbit 3 features two different adjustable airflow with honeycomb & slotted airflow to provide different vaping experience. Dead Rabbit 3 RDA has 24mm deck to build..
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Brand: HellVape Model: 006956-006957
HellVape Fat Rabbit RTA Tank Hellvape Fat Rabbit RTA 28.4 x 56,4 mm is constructed from SUS304,  features dual airflow system and double honeycomb airflow intake for massive cloud. Fat Rabbit RTA supports single coil/dual coils building through 28.4mm..
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Brand: Innokin Model: 005101-005102-005988-005989
Innokin Ares 2 MTL RTA Tank 4mlGlad to introduce the Innokin Ares D24 RTA 4ml which is the an upgraded version of Ares 2. Based on your feedback, we have made improvements in various aspects. And the Innokin Ares 2 comes with two types, D22 RTA with 2ml juice capacity/..
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Brand: Lost Vape Model: 006710-006711-006866-006867-006868
Lost Vape Centaurus Solo RDA TankThe Lost Vape Centaurus SOLO RDA is the first RDA from the Lost Vape brand to create a dual airflow system for smoother flavors. As the Sagittarius logo on this RDA shows, he is brave and honest about the taste and steam he produces, creating a whole new flavor profi..
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Oumier Wasp Nano RDA V2 Tank Oumier Wasp Nano RDA V2 Tank
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Brand: Oumier Model: 006875-006876-006877-006878-006879
Oumier Wasp Nano RDA V2 TankOumier Wasp Nano RDA V2 continues the transparent top cover design of Wasp Nano, and the dripper part to bring a more comfortable feeling. Wasp Nano RDA V2 features new double-sided four-slot airflow system to provide a powerful air intake system and airflow experience. O..
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Brand: Steam Crave Model: 006678-006679-006747
Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme Lite RTA V3 TankThe Aromamizer Supreme Lite RTA V3 Tank is a high-performance carburetor with huge clouds of steam, for those who don’t want to miss out on the best flavors, just like the perfect MTL to use, but it’s also suitable for DL use. The liquid regulator must ..
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Brand: Thunderhead Creations Model: 006435-006436-006635
Thunderhead Artemis V1.5 RDTA TankThunderHead Creations Artemis V1.5 BF RDTA is the collaboration of ThunderHead Creations and TNYVPS. ThunderHead Creations(THC) Artemis V1.5 features 26pcs honeycomb airholes design on both sides for excellent flavor and postless single coil building deck. ThunderHe..
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Brand: Vandy Vape Model: 007043-007044-007045-007101-007102
Vandy Vape Berserker V3 (B3) MTL RTA Tank The latest Vandy Vape Berserker V3 (B3) MTL RTA tank will have an adjustable capacity of 2 ml of short paste and 6 ml of long, larger mantle. The package contains 3 MTL drip tips. Easy to install and completely disassemble for beginners. option to change the..
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Brand: Vandy Vape Model: 005503-005504-006064-006065-007036
Vandy Vape Mato RDTA TankDiscover the Vandy Vape MATO 24mm RDTA, featuring a large postless single coil build deck, honeycomb top airflow control system, and utilizes 4 braided stainless steel wicking system for a highly functional vaping system. Constructed from durable stainless steel, the MATO RD..
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Brand: Vapefly Model: 007153-007154-007155
Vapefly Brunhilde 1o3 RTA TankThe Vapefly Brunhilde 1o3 RTA is an upgraded version of the Brunhilde RTA. 7 ml liquid reservoir and 25.2 mm diameter. When the bottom airflow is closed, airflow will still go directly to the center of the coils with 12 airflow holes. There are 2 replaceable airflow ope..
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