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Vapor Giant

Brand: Vapor Giant Model: 004964
Vapor Giant GO 4 TankVapor Giant GO 4 is a pre-installed spray boiler with 4 optional boiler inserts. The final assembly is done in Austria to ensure the highest quality. The design is based on the Vapor Giant V5S. The GO 4 coil have been developed for maximum flavor reproduction and are available i..
499.79 HRK
Ex Tax:399.83 HRK
Brand: Vapor Giant Model: 004951
Vapor Giant Kronos 2S DLC RTA TankIt comes with a second polycarbonate Tank and a second MTL Drip Tip.The liquid flow doesn’t need mesh wicks and the childproof Top-Cap prevents accidental opening by curious children.The Airflow streams sideways, directly onto the coil of this easy to use single..
1,042.34 HRK
Ex Tax:833.87 HRK
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