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Brand: Across Vape Model: 005103
Across Vape Roulette RTA TankThe innovation of Roulette RTA lies mainly in the management of its air flow, which allows it to obtain an excellent restitution offlavors. The RTA Roulette is made of stainless steel 304, with a diameter of 22mm and the tank part is in micro-blasted PC, with a capacity ..
453.33 HRK
Ex Tax:362.67 HRK
Brand: K&C Mods Model: 006315-006316
D.R.A.M. IV RTA by K&C ModsThe DRAM IV mounting plate is used as a single coil.It also offers an ultra-reduced atomization chamber to maximize flavor as well as a rotary adjustment for the supply of cotton fluid.The tank is in Pyrex and offers a capacity of 2ml in normal version and 4ml with the..
1,505.13 HRK
Ex Tax:1,204.11 HRK
Brand: SmokerStore Model: 006324
SmokerStore Taifun GT III (GT3) RTA TankTaifun GT III (2021) RTA The Taifun Taifun GT III (GT3) is a rebuilt carburetor with incredible flavor, glass tank, stainless steel protective shield for glass, adjustable airflow (up to 5 DL usage regardless of MTL), and adjustable flow rate. . This 2021 edit..
1,099.85 HRK
Ex Tax:879.88 HRK
Brand: SmokerStore Model: 005638
SmokerStore Taifun GTR MTL RTA TankPlease note this is the 2ml TPD version with a short tank and chimney. The tank has been lubricated with VG prior to assembly to reduce the chance of parts sticking together, so you may find some liquid around the o-rings which is normal and nothing to worry about...
1,312.14 HRK
Ex Tax:1,049.71 HRK
Brand: SmokerStore Model: 005479
SmokerStore Taifun GX RDTA TankThe Taifun Atomiser, light of the German company SmokerStore comes back to us with the Taifun GX in a RDTA version, revamped with cooling fins and remains compact and performant. The Taifun GX benefits with the know-how and the German quality of innovations. You..
1,350.74 HRK
Ex Tax:1,080.59 HRK
Brand: Vapor Giant Model: 004964
Vapor Giant GO 4 TankVapor Giant GO 4 is a pre-installed spray boiler with 4 optional boiler inserts. The final assembly is done in Austria to ensure the highest quality. The design is based on the Vapor Giant V5S. The GO 4 coil have been developed for maximum flavor reproduction and are available i..
453.33 HRK
Ex Tax:362.67 HRK
Brand: Vapor Giant Model: 004951
Vapor Giant Kronos 2S DLC RTA TankIt comes with a second polycarbonate Tank and a second MTL Drip Tip.The liquid flow doesn’t need mesh wicks and the childproof Top-Cap prevents accidental opening by curious children.The Airflow streams sideways, directly onto the coil of this easy to use single..
945.46 HRK
Ex Tax:756.37 HRK
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