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Manufacturer: Vapor Giant Model: 004964
Vapor Giant GO 4 TankVapor Giant GO 4 is a pre-installed spray boiler with 4 optional boiler inserts. The final assembly is done in Austria to ensure the highest quality. The design is based on the Vapor Giant V5S. The GO 4 coil have been developed for maximum flavor reproduction and are available i..
436.23 HRK
57.90 EUR
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46.32 EUR
Manufacturer: SmokerStore Model: 007184
SmokerStore Taifun GT V RTA TankThe SmokerStore Taifun GT V is a new member of the Taifun GT series, it has a reliable, solid construction and, not least, is famous for its "sporty" character. "Gran Turismo" has always been the theme of the Taifun GT series. The focus is on simple construction and i..
2,042.60 HRK
271.10 EUR
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216.88 EUR
iMist Simurg X30 RTA Tank iMist Simurg X30 RTA Tank
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Manufacturer: iMist Model: 007490-007491
iMist Simurg X30 RTA TankWith a diameter of 30 mm, the IMIST Simurg X30 RTA can hold an impressive 16 ml of e-liquid. The mesh deck and the special design attached provide great flavor reproduction. The modular design not only allows you to install the already available single or double deck, but al..
1,299.77 HRK
172.51 EUR
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138.01 EUR
iMist Gryphus RDL RTA Tank iMist Gryphus RDL RTA Tank
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Manufacturer: iMist Model: 007489
iMist Gryphus RDL RTA TankThe Imist Gryphus RDL RTA is a classic bottom coil atomizer while offering cutting-edge convenience. This is not least thanks to the brilliant MeExSo mesh. The looped system makes it very easy to install with a net, so the device is also suitable for beginners. The heat-res..
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123.21 EUR
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98.57 EUR
Manufacturer: iMist Model: 007484-007485
iMist Gryphus 24 MTL RTA TankTimeless and noble, IMIST returns with the Gryphus 24 MTL RTA atomizer, for all old vape enthusiasts who value enjoyment. The MTL version is smaller than its predecessor, but with its wonderful design it highlights the high-end character of the RTAs. The special concept ..
928.35 HRK
123.21 EUR
Ex Tax:742.68 HRK
98.57 EUR
Manufacturer: iMist Model: 007486-007487-007488
iMist Gryphus RDL RTA Boiler Extension Tank KitCapacity increase set made for the Gryphus RDL RTA Tank, which increases the tank capacity to 13 ml and gives the Gryphus RDL RTA boiler a completely new look.Parameters:Capacity: 13 ml with the help of the setDiameter: 32mm at the widest pointContents ..
408.37 HRK
54.20 EUR
Ex Tax:326.70 HRK
43.36 EUR
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