Manufacturer: MOTI Model: 008255
MOTI Play Mini Cartridge 2PCSReplacement cartridge for the MOTI Play device. It has a capacity of 2 ml, which can be filled on the side of the cartridge and has a built-in 1 ohm resistor (10-16W).The package contains 2 cartridges.The price is valid for 1 package...
13.53 EUR
101.95 HRK
Ex Tax:10.83 EUR
81.56 HRK
Manufacturer: Vaporesso Model: 008049-008050-008123
Vaporesso LUXE XR Pod Cartridge 2PCSReplacement cartridge for Vaporesso LUXE X / XR / XR Max Pod kits, which has a liquid capacity of 5 ml and is compatible with GTX coils. It can be filled from below by removing the silicone plug.Optionally, we can choose from 2 cartridges with different air settin..
6.14 EUR
46.24 HRK
Ex Tax:4.91 EUR
36.99 HRK
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